about us

Who am I?

My name is Adrian Diaz, im a Music Composer and CEO of Music label South Hills Records and now audiotea.com, i normally work alone, but usually would collaborate with friends projects such as Free Guitars or Babel without Borders.

Music Works

More than 800 music track uses from diverse projects around the world, from YouTube, Vimeo or Documentary. Working with AdRev and Youtube Music program, Dhalius feeds more than 150 music tracks to the AdRev program.

What is AudioTea.com?

AudioTea.com is a music service provider that helps video creators all around the globe with free and non-free original music tracks to download on our large library of music tracks (current +700 tracks and monthly updated). And plus we offer Costumer Service/Support for all your enquiries and questions.

What is Dhalius?

Dhalius is a Electronica, Rock and Background Music group created in 2007, Dhalius Music has been featured or used on ESPN, BBC 4, BBC Radio, tvn24, Vimeo, Youtube and many other websites.

More About Dhalius

Created in 2007, Dhalius is a Online Music project that has released 13 Full commercial albums and 30 Open Music albums and also has released under the open licenses more than 800 music tracks for background and soundtrack music usage in more than 1000 video creators projects.